Do garage doors last forever? The garage door panels themselves can hold up for many decades if cared for properly.  However, there are more components involved in the operation of an overhead door, thus requiring regular garage door maintenance, garage door tune-ups, torsion spring replacement, and overhead door repair. Many moving parts of an overhead door are subject to wear and tear. Including: garage door rollers, garage door weatherstripping, electric garage door opener motors, garage door cables, and garage door torsion springs and extension springs. These garage door parts do much of the heavy lifting. Garage door springs certainly do not last forever, and must be replaced every half decade or so.

Garage Door Springs are engineered to have a functional life of 10,000 cycles, a cycle in a complete opening and closing of the door. It sounds like a very long time, but that is 5 to 7 years in the real world, opening and closing approximately 4 to 5.5 times a day.

We specialize in professional overhead door repair and torsion spring replacements in the Vancouver area. We also provide garage door panel replacement and garage door installation in both commercial and residential communities. 

Vancouver commercial overhead door installation and repair is something we specialize in. Residential garage door repair and residential torsion spring changes is something we do on a daily basis. Commercial garage door spring repair in the Vancouver area can also be arranged.

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