What Does an Overhead Garage Door Spring Do for the Garage Door?

The garage door torsion spring balances the overhead door and allows the garage door to move smoothly when being opened and closed. That’s why professional overhead door service and overhead door repair is a crucial part of your home-maintenance professional contact list.

Can I Operate the Garage Door with a Broken Torsion Spring?

If you try to use a broken garage door spring this can cause damage to your garage door and potentially harm yourself or family members. The overhead door should absolutely NOT be used when the torsion spring is broken. As a rule, a garage door spring is the most common cause of a garage door’s improper function. The overhead door mustn’t be operated until the overhead torsion spring has been repaired or replaced.

Is it Safe to Try Replacing the Garage Door Spring on My Own?

Because the garage spring is so tightly wound, it’s dangerous to replace the torsion spring without professional help. Seeing as it’s risky to repair without experience, please call a qualified garage door technician here in New Westminster. We also offer spring conversions in New Westminster. Please remember: that garage door springs operate under extreme tension. So professional help is a MUST. Yes, even if you are a handyman. Finding garage door spring repair near me (or you) is fundamental.

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