How Does a Torsion Spring Break?

A garage door torsion spring can break because advanced spring age, or another garage door repair issue that was not treated promptly might have caused the overhead spring to break. If regular garage door preventative maintenance hasn’t been performed, the lifespan of the garage door spring is shortened. With regular use of your garage door, the torsion spring’s cycle count depreciates. A quality garage door spring and an experienced overhead door technician will prevent a lot of damage. A broken spring can be dangerous, so please call a local garage door technician here in New Westminster or Fraser Valley & surrounding areas, when problems with your garage door arise.  Serious injury, missing fingers, and even deaths due to overhead door malfunctions have been reported worldwide. So please take extreme caution when dealing with a broken torsion spring.

What Happens When the Torsion Spring breaks?

When the garage door spring breaks, the overhead door cannot open or close. A spring change must be performed immediately by a professional garage door spring technician. If the torsion spring is not replaced the door will be rendered unoperational and a variety of issues can ensue. Thus, do not delay contacting a residential garage door professional or commercial garage door spring repair technician. Our overhead door technicians are superbly qualified to handle your garage door repair needs with speed and quality garage door spring repair techniques. Overhead door spring service can be found near you. Call us for garage door repair New Westminster and surrounding areas.

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